Saturday, December 1, 2012

Claires pipe

Claire also found a pipe at a Paris Flea Market. She was kind enough to let me cast it. I cast the entire piece, but had to cut the mold to get the pipe out. This left me with 2 parts of the mold. I cast both pieces with the intent of making them whole again. But once I took out the front piece, I liked it so much, I choose not to use the back.
Last year I purchased a pack of bronze bezels in Tucson. The well is very shallow, so they do not work well for an Image. But they do hold enough resin to secure a 3D piece. This Bezel made me think of an old Victorian frame
This piece reminds me of an old Victorian photo. The women would sit very still, stone faced, for there portrait. I used a paper reminiscent of Victorian wall paper for the background. I used some bronze chain, silk ribbon and gemstones to complete the piece. Thank you Claire sharing your beautiful treasure!

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  1. Sandy it's a fabulous necklace! You are so welcome! It's a pleasure to see your work!
    kiss kiss



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