Monday, December 3, 2012

casting in France

In France, All of the homes in Defort have wooden shutters with beautiful hardware. Most have these cool metal heads/bodies to hold the shutters open. Late one chilly night I decided to attempt to cast one of the shutter holders.
Putty sets quickly, so I was confident i could cast the neighbors hardware without being caught. I did not take in to consideration the cold weather. I passed back and forth attempting to be inconspicuous. going back often to blow warm breath on the putty! Mt first attempt failed because I was to anxious about being caught and it was not set. My second attempt was more successful. I cast the piece in Ice resin
I used gilders paste to alter the resin. I used resin to glue rhinestones in place. The cool green/blue glass piece at the bottom was a flea market find from Claire. It was originally part of a lamp shade with hundreds of these glass "blobs" They are beautiful..Thanks Claire for the cool piece I painted a thin coat of resin to give it a shine
I used bronze chain and garnet. I added a SLK bezel with resin to finish the piece off. I poured the bezel 1/2 way and painted it red and rubbed some gold gilders paste. once it was dry, I poured the bezel full and added a piece of torn french paper.
I love how this bezel turned out. Many people have asked me "what kind of stone is that!" The layers of resin and gilders paste give it a depth you cant achieve with one pour.


  1. Oh boy! That green blob looks fabulous with your middle of the cold night casting! What a great piece!

  2. I love this little story on casting and how this piece evolved its inspiring and touching and I am a bit of a Francophile too!


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