Saturday, September 24, 2011

first day of wines of the san juan fest

I am soooo tired and full of dust, but I want to post a few pix of the day.  I hear the wine was great.  "Girls are meaner"  seems to be a favorite.  I don't drink.......Alcohol and I don't mix!!  My first swallow is great. I get all warm and  I think "why don't I drink every day...This is awesome..I love this""  I'm the life of the party.. I'm a riot for about 3 minuets.....but I always take that second drink, and as John Cougar Meloncamp says "it all comes tumbling down"!  The room is spinning, I'm nauseous and ready for bed. I have never been able to finish a beer!  Sooo no wine for me!  But I had a great time watching everyone else enjoy the wine!.

 A shot of the crowd watching the Grape Stomp.  I couldn't get close because I could not leave my booth.

 A really bad dark shot of my booth

 My Susan Lenart Kazmer  Inspired necklace on a bust.

Over the summer I took a class from SLK.  She taught a technique on using ribbon in jewelry.  I bought some elk antler buttons some time ago. (antlers found and sold by The Boy Scouts)  I could not figure out how to incorperate them into my jewelry until her class.  I decided to use them as a sort of cap for the ribbon and gem stones.
                                                   the necklace is to long to fit in my light box.
 closeup of the gem stones.  I used rough garnet, a carnelian carved flower, some really cool mexican opal and some red stone (may be quartz)
                         I made some bead caps from sterling silver and stamped words on them
                                                   Shot of the "southwestern" display
                                                       Shot of the "blue" display
 The proud owner of a pair of kyanite, white topaz and leather earrings.  She was so nice.  She loved these earrings and wore them out of the booth.  I love making jewelry that women love.  For me, that's what it is all about. I love being able to making a connection with others through art.  I know how much I love my jewelry collection and how I feel when I get to wear a great piece of jewelry. (like my SLK necklaces!) and it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know that my jewelry will do that for someone else.

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