Sunday, September 4, 2011

Totah Festival. Stuart Billie

My 2 new bracelets from Stuart Billie
Close up shot of the inside of the bracelet.

Stuart won Best In show for 2011 Totah Festival.   I love these new pieces.  He is casting each piece in a material similar to cuttle fish bone.  He gives you the mold when you purchase the piece as They are one of a kind.  The mold is as beautiful as the piece.  I have been silver smithing for sometime now and this is a technique I have wanted to do for so long.  The Navajos are some of the best silver smiths in the world.  Stuart was so generous and offered to teach me this technique.  I hope to get some time off and take him off on this amazing offer. If you ever get a chance to purchase one of his pieces, I recommend you do as I think he will become very popular as he is already winning awards.  

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